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Accreditation Approval and Renewal

CEAS evaluates whether applicants for accreditation, approval, and renewal are in substantial compliance with the standards in the federal accreditation regulations. After a rigorous review of each applicant’s documents and following a site visit, CEAS evaluates the applicant’s level of compliance with the standards and decides whether to grant accreditation, approval, or renewal.

Accreditation or approval and renewal are valid for four years.  Generally about a year before the expiration of accreditation, CEAS advises agencies and persons of the date by which they will need to apply for renewal. This allows the renewal process to be completed before the previously granted accreditation/approval expires.


The Review Process

Application Part A

Part A is the initial application


CEAS evaluates the applicant's compliance with the standards using the Substantial Compliance System (SCS)

Application Part B

Part B is the documentation submitted in support of the application


CEAS may provide the applicant an opportunity to correct deficiencies

Site Visit

CEAS reviews records and conducts interviews during the site visit to verify information provided in the application


CEAS determines if the applicant is granted accreditation, approval, or renewal

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