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Directory & Public Information

CEAS is committed to providing important information about its accreditation and oversight activities and useful information about accredited agencies and approved persons in its jurisdiction. 

Adoption Service Provider Directory


The searchable directory hosted by IAAME includes information about all accredited agencies and approved persons.  You can search for a provider by location or intercountry adoption services, and you can identify providers who serve as primary providers in a particular country.  The directory includes each provider’s current accreditation status, contact information, and a full list of service locations and countries where the agency or person acts as a primary provider.


Helpful Resources & Tips


If you are considering adoption or already looking for a provider and haven’t already done so, please view the information on the Adoption Process and important information Before you Adopt published by the U.S. Department of State.


If you’re looking for a primary provider in a particular country and do not find any Accredited or Approved providers in your search results, you may wish to contact any providers listed in the “ASP willing to consider cases in selected country” section of the search results.



Information about Adoption Service Providers

Federal Regulations require CEAS to disseminate certain specific information to the public about accreditation and approval status and about complaints against accredited agencies and approved persons.  All other documents and information received by CEAS, may not be disclosed to the public without specific authorization In accordance with those requirements, the following information is available.

  • The name, address, and contact information for each accredited agency and approved person under CEAS jurisdiction is published in the Adoption Service Provider Directory.

  • CEAS has not denied accreditation to any applicants. 

  • CEAS has not subjected any accredited agencies or approved persons to suspension, cancellation, refusal to renew accreditation or approval, or debarment. 

Information Available Upon Request

Upon inquiry or specific request, CEAS provides the following information:

  • confirmation of whether or not a specific agency or person has a pending application for accreditation or approval with CEAS, and, if so, the date of the application and whether it is under active consideration or whether a decision on the application has been deferred.

  • if an agency or person has been subject to suspension, cancellation, refusal to renew accreditation or approval, or debarment by CEAS, a brief statement of the reasons for the action.

  • if CEAS has substantiated any complaints against an accredited agency or approved person, information about the status and nature of any such complaints.

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